Been working on numerous pieces over the last year-and-a-half. Been kind of all over the place with ideas and inspiration branching in several directions. I finally nailed down the first draft of a commercial-fiction mystery novel that I had been writing right alongside a literary fiction novel that dances with dark satire and horror. These two novels I subsequently put aside three other novels for: one currently in the revision stages; another that grew so large that I am going to split into two; and, one that I am going to begin cutting up and rewriting after six drafts. On top of that, there are two more still in rough draft stages as well as many outlines and notes for others. You’ve got to have the dedication and passion to produce novels. You have to also know when it’s the right time for a project and when it’s not. I work fast because I work hard, but I comb over everything. I just need a publisher!


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