My toy poodle barks at the broom against the wall like she’s auditioning for Fantasia. The broom isn’t going anywhere, but she doesn’t know that. She probably thinks it’s some slender, high-haired person standing on their head. Is she asking the broom to sweep or stop being upside-down?


Of course, if the broom suddenly falls over, what will she think? Did she move it? Is it attacking? Will she think there’s a guest coming? I don’t know. I’m not a toy poodle, so I can only guess.


I’d hate to think what she’d do if she saw the dustpan hanging from a nail on the other side of the room.


It’s a curious life being a toy poodle, built so low to the floor and having such a high level of canine intellect. Maybe she sees things we do not. Or maybe she’s just tired of the dust bunnies.


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