I know that daylight’s coming

Because it’s so dark outside

The world hangs like a still-frame

Where the nights reside

Across the sky, drenched in black

The stars are sparkling stones

They blink like waking eyes

As the morning breaks like bones.


This is just another sunrise

That shines upon the face

Of an empty world where all life dies

Vanishing without a trace

And all the starlight that we hail

And all the mornings that we chase

Hammer home the final nail

On another sunrise in disgrace.


In my chamber, the waking hours

That stir my steely blood

Shake me like the wind-blown flowers

That wither in the mud

And as it rains before the dawn

I whisper soft and close my eyes

My devil’s hour has come and gone

To fade out in another sunrise.


Another sunrise breaks the day

One more morning shrouds the night

The day star that is standing strong

Embraces darkness, brings the light

Waking from my scattered dreams

I stand and look up to the skies

The horizon breaks a golden hue

To bring us another sunrise.


2 thoughts on “ANOTHER SUNRISE

  1. There are some really exceptional lines in here… I’m not sure what your policy is on criticism (meaning an appreciation and admiration of the work from which space one might offer thoughts or impressions) or how you publish, whether you put up first draft for comment, if you are workshopping or not or if these are simply published poems… so I will refrain from making suggestions without prior request or permission… and in a long winded way will say that if you want some fellow poet insights into the poem I am happy to do that. Cheers, Katinka.


    • I am not opposed to any form of criticism. I’ve been a poet for a little more than twenty years; I’ve read on street corners, in coffee houses, in friend’s homes, in alleys, bus stops, and other various places. I’ve attempted numerous styles and approaches through the years. I’ve been criticized–told my work sucks–and I’ve been praised, even as far as having some people tell me that I’m their favorite poet. I take criticism in the same hand as praise: hands that learn and interpret. And, I certainly welcome insight.

      For this blog, I mostly just put things down and people are welcome to say whatever they want. With suggestions, I consider anything. Of course, sometimes people don’t understand the poem and offer suggestions that, on one hand, may make it sound a little better, but compromises the feeling or meaning of the work. I don’t compromise the purpose. But, I also never straight-out tell what my poems are about. That’s part of the fun.

      I’m always interested to hear what someone’s interpretations are–even if I may never actually tell them if they are right or wrong. 🙂 I certainly don’t mind suggestions.

      This poem is rough–not complete, exactly. I don’t think anymore verses will come, but there may be some revision. But, it’s part of a project I am working on.


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