REVIEW: A TIME TO KILL by John Grisham

A stirring novel that I thoroughly enjoyed. John Grisham penned a very in-depth and exciting read that was hard to put down.

Grisham has no problem offering his opinion of how backward and underhanded the legal system can be, showing us the willingness for some to break ethics, bribe jurors, work with prejudice, and do whatever it takes to win. But, he also shows that there is some light of hope inside, and it lies within the few who have gone into the legal system to actually uphold justice and see people get a fair shake.

Filled with prejudice and politics, plot-turns and loopholes, A Time to Kill explores the power of rage and the consequence of vengeance, and the tiny glimpse of hope and how faith and determination, and a little bit of luck, can draw the sword from any stone, even in a world racked with the harsh tones of racism.

This was a big project for a new writer to tackle, and Grisham handled it like a seasoned pro. Well-written, well-plotted, and intelligently told, this novel has made me an instant fan. He is as powerful as a M-16 shot in the dark, and as light as the shooter’s fleeing steps. Not without whimsy, John Grisham is a gritty and powerful storyteller.


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