POEM: Hell is a City in Michigan

People often let blind ignorance be their guide. They say they follow a religion that opposes judgment, but are quick to judge and assume about those who believe something they know nothing about. In a world that is full of division, where there are always groups trying to recruit us into their plight against another group, you think they’d wake up to the gang mentality that runs our existence and realize that there are beliefs that strive for unity and progression without war and division. But, they would rather hate because it makes them feel better about themselves, and the idea of eradicating the philosophies they hate, and those who believe them, give them a misguided purpose to their lives. But, instead of being angry and dwelling on such foolish nonsense, I have chosen the path of logic and enlightenment and, in doing so, have concluded that the best shield against these fools is laughter.

Someone said I was going to Hell

For following the Left-Hand Path

For hearing the words of the one who fell

I would taste God’s wrath

For professing admiration for Lilith

For saying religion is servitude

For not believing their sacred myth

They say I’m part of an evil brood

And they say that I’ll go there

To where flames forever burn

Though I preach peace, they don’t care

Their God’s love is cruel and stern

If God truly has an adversary

It’s those who use his name for hate

They tell kids he’s mean and scary

If they don’t bow down to their fate

God is not an animal

He’s the Creator of this Earthly realm

Jesus, His son, saves our souls

And Lucifer stands at the vessel’s helm

But think what ever you want to think

Believe that freedom is a sin

I just tell the fools who try to judge me

That Hell is a city in Michigan


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