SUMMARY: The Torture of Chris

For years, Elsa Valentine has been at the wicked mercy of her cousin, Chris Layne. After her own prostitute mother was imprisoned for shooting her pimp father, Elsa was adopted by her aunt, Patricia, who is married to Robert Layne, owner and CEO of Layne’s–one of the most profitable retail titans in the world.

Coming into the home, at eight-years-old, she thinks life will be much better than it was listening to her parents fight all the time, having to be in the room when her mother was with a client, and always being hungry, cold and dirty. Aunt Patricia and her family are among the super-wealthy, and she will never do without. Life seems to have gotten better.

But, then there’s Chris, their wretched son–the most monstrous creature she would ever meet. He whines, cries, throws fits, refuses to work, is self-entitled, does not bathe or practice proper bathroom hygiene, and demands that Elsa serve him in every way he sees fit. Not only that, he insults her, hits her, spits on her, bullies her, makes her do his chores, expels bodily waste on her, and, worst of all, sexually abuses her through the years. She cannot say anything, because Chris threatens all sorts of harms and punishments if she does–breaking her stuff, hurting her pets, hurting her–and makes good on his word just for her defiance. Patricia would never believe it anyway; she thinks the sun rises and sets on her cruel, little, crybaby boy.

After years of being held under the tyranny of this horrid devil, all Elsa can think of is ways to hurt him. She imagines agonizing acts of pain and torture being inflicted upon him. She prays to God for his demise. Whenever he falls ill or suffers an injury, she takes pictures of it, or videotapes it, and then begs the Creator to let the little bastard die. But, she is unjustly denied every time.

Once she is older, she is unable to escape him. The years of torment have turned her life southward, and she is stuck working for him at his factory and, after years of drug abuse, she is forced to live with him, by Patricia, so she can help take care of him, in order for Elsa to be able to see her young son who was taken away from her by Patricia some time ago. Chris continues his enslavement of Elsa, until, one day, after one final act of immense evil, Elsa decides to take her revenge for a life of waking nightmares and spiritual subversion. She decides one thing: Chris must pay for everything he’s ever done to her.

Despite a few moments of ill-will, Chris has led a cushy and easy life of luxury and comfort without any effort or sacrifice to earn it. In return, he’s done nothing but look down upon everyone else with disdain and a supercilious air. As far as Elsa’s concerned, it’s time for Chris to hurt; it’s time for Chris to suffer; it’s time for Chris to realize mental and physical anguish for all the maltreatment he has given to her. It is time for her to exact what she has lived her whole life: the torture of Chris.

A brutal and unforgiving look into the horrors of physical, mental, and sexual abuse, and what the rage and hatred it brings can do to a person, this is not a happy story. It is a dark and stomach-turning tale of cruelty in its most primal nature. It is a tale of depraved and realistic human suffering at its most extreme. The Torture of Chris will challenge you to question your ethics of what is justice and when enough is enough, at the same time filling you with sickening fury and sorrow that any decent person would feel having to watch another human being grow up under such inhuman design.


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