POEM: On the Riverbank

A sort of cheesy poem from a youth in pain. I still remember everything about its origins.

On the riverbank is where I lie

Raising waters as I cry

Cold tears out here since I lost you

My heart died knowing we are through

You used to lie on this riverbank, too.


Do you remember how we made love?

It is all that I can ever think of

We’d go until the dawn’s sleepy eyes

Blinked out the night to light up the skies

Now, I’m lonely ‘neath this sunrise.


Now, you have left me out here alone

My heart must hurry to find a new home

There is no way for you to atone

For turning my hurting heart to a stone

By finding a riverbank of your own.


Dawn, lift from me this burden of sorrow

And bring me a brighter day tomorrow

Give her back, to have and to hold

Make her your light to chase away cold

And turn this riverbank into gold.


Tonight, I come to our spot down here

Hoping that I can cry my last tear

For the final night we were together

The night that our bond eternally severed

Washing me out to my island, forever.


In a quick flash, all love has been lost

You have forgotten our paths had crossed

You have sailed away to some place new

Leaving me to cling to the memory of you

On this riverbank, forever, with nothing to do.


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