POEM: Luminosity Revival

Rough draft–just wrote it.

Blazing in the haze

A daydream of delusional destruction deep in the doldrums of your desire

A horizon that shall raze

Like sunrays washing across the scattered landscape engulfed by fire


Where do we creep along now?

Like serpentine shadows slithering silently down slick, slippery slopes

Go ahead and call me the Devil

In that clandestine evil act of illicit intentions, I will be the breaker of hopes


Come to me

I will be your Lord of Flies, your King of Claws, and flaws, bloody paws and broken laws

I am immoral abomination

I cast spells in the deepest Hells where fiery bells bang and clang howls on the walls.


Desire the poison

It dashes through your veins: hollow, vacant, vacuous, lascivious and vehement

I’ll let the noise in

I will be your demon, you are screaming, dreaming of me as Baphomet and Behemoth


Speaking to shadows

You forever fear that fate and faith will fail and fall, forsaken all of you into the flame.

Hang from the gallows

The searing heat on your dancing feet above the burning street speaks its infernal name.


The Goddess Lilith

Rises from the ashes where her pale light flashes in the shadow of her eternal liberation

And her Master,

From the garden and inferno, and the Heavens and the abyss, speaks truth from tribulation.


Shine the light

From both sides of the spectrum, we direct them, resurrect them, fuse them, Night and Day

Morning and the Evening

Shining stars shimmering, glimmering, golden dawn, drawn in distinction of the Left-Hand Way.



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