POEM: Lipstick on My Soul

***This is a poem first written in the mid-90s; then it was redone in 2002.”

There’s lipstick on my soul that this woman left behind

From a kiss upon my spirit in a lover’s lips design

A phantom from my past that haunts me still today

I try to turn around but the ghost won’t go away

She used love up to the point where I could love no more

She is the epitome of destruction that I cannot ignore.


The lipstick on my soul reminds me of the times

We spent the sunny days out where the church-bell chimes

There’s nothing left out there to remind me of that now

You swept up all the remnants of your heart’s broken vow

Just like that lonesome bell, you sure took your toll-

On me, and your vampire mouth left lipstick on my soul.


I remember how your eyes were mysterious and brown

Full of secrets and desires from pyres underground

Once I was a lone wolf until I ran across your pack

Now I’m just a corpse with an arrow in its back

I’m floating on your mountain and the air is getting thin

You were a bright light in the darkness, now your shadows and a sin.


Along the way your words walked in rhythm with my heart

In your high stiletto heels, heartbreak is your art

Mine beat itself to death in the palm of your hand

You drank my blood and spit it out–I didn’t understand

Leaving me to claw and crawl my way in from the cold

Dragging a trail of my blood and your lipstick on my soul.


You devoured me like a beast and left without a trace

Taking my dead heart away with your fading face

And you took it all with grace, with nothing left for me

Except for the torment of my tortured memory

Embedded in my spirit so I could never let you go

You left lipstick on my soul but you don’t even know.


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