POEM: Beer and Cigarettes in a Club Downtown

Scat like a cat

Get hopped with the be-bop

Sing jazz and blues

Like you ain’t got shoes

Holes in the toes

God knows the souls

Don’t dance like they used to

In leather pants that you see through

Guitars and stars

Shine down on crowded bars

Ten-thousand hearts hold ten-thousand scars

But the beat don’t quit

When you take another hit

Dry mouth then you spit

I want more of it.


Smokey room like a tomb

At midnight’s evil garden

Where lonely hearts harden

Harbingers of the doom

A dead bride and groom

Shot down in the room

Bullets of love is all they spoke of

That was the dream

That led to the scream

You howl and you growl

And you stomp and you stamp

Like a traveler and a tramp

The circus blows in

The uncharted wind

Now every broken clown

Is dancing through town


If this was the west

Where the wild and the best

Come to get rest

With a bulletproof vest

Then the guns would be drawn

And the cowboys gone

All buried deep at the break of dawn

Strike up the band

With harmonica in hand

Time to surge the dirge

As the angels emerge

Unseen, like a voice

Heard, but not by choice

In the Ionosphere

Very far away from here

Where the drain drips rain

And the sun has fun.


Scooting round the seat

I can’t find the beat

The kitchen’s got the heat

The fire and desire

Both infernos stand higher

Than the ocean’s crest

Meets the sky on high

Anything less

And the coastlines would die

But you see when there’s me

On the sea standing free

And there’s you in the blue

Doing what you like to do

The only thing wrong

Is the name of the song

But the words are right

And we sing through the night.


Upside-down around town

Going underground

Where the lights go out

In the shadow of doubt

The silhouettes shout

Across the street in defeat

Heads bobbing to the beat

Coming from the smoky club

Where people stop for grub

And a drink to wash the night away

Downed for the dawn of day

To come and end the battle

That knocked them from their saddle

Leaving their teeth to rattle

But that’s the grind

And there’s nothing else to find

In steps that lay behind.


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