POEM: The Shootout

“Words that are said cannot be unsaid.”

Just like a posse that rode into town

Weaving a whirlwind of chaos around

We were outlaws who were on the run

Moving too fast and coming undone.


All becomes lost in the eyes on the street

Standing and watching our anger entreat

Us to ride on and choose not to see

The clash at high-noon that’s coming to be.


Our sad eyes are narrowed as we stare

As far as we see, no one else is there

We’re too wrapped-up in our heated debate

Loading our guns with bullets of hate.


We kept it hidden and rode on together

Without foreseeing the oncoming weather

We stood in the dust as the sky grew dark

Our pistols were loaded, awaiting a spark.


The truth was a slug aimed at the heart

Black screaming talons that tore us apart

In a maelstrom of despotic words spoken

The shootout left us defeated and broken.


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