I currently have several projects in the works: I have one story that I need to split into two and totally re-write; one finished tale that I need to continue querying; I have one complete first draft I need to begin revising; two tales I am currently writing the first drafts of (one of which has been in my mind for over a year); two that I started and abandoned and need to work on finishing their first drafts; numerous notes and snippets written for other stories; a ton of synopses and outlines ready to begin work; a bunch of small ideas that need outline developed; and, I have all the poetry from my olden days to start polishing. A lot of exciting things! I am looking forward to it so much that I don’t know where to start.  LOL

But, that is why I have been somewhat absent from my blog, lately. A lot of work and very little free time to do it in.

Man, if I could just find someone in the publishing business who could unlock me and get me the time I need, I could make them a fortune, probably.  LOL


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