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Hello everyone. I am thoroughly enjoying meeting, talking, and connecting with so many talented and diverse writers out there. I hope I will continue meeting wonderful people. I also have a Facebook under The Black Hat Writer (Arthur Helmwood), where I’d like to discuss anything that comes to mind: books, writing, movies, shows, music, politics, faith, random weird stuff–anything. I also have a Google account which I use mostly to discuss music under artists’ videos, but also other various things, under The Black Hat Writer; and, I have a Goodreads account under the same name where I review and talk about books.


All of these accounts, much like my blog (with the exceptions of the Goodreads) are relatively new and I am trying to build them up to meet people and get to know them better. So, feel free to seek me out on any of these social media outlets. I would be very interested in conversing with all of you on another level beyond wordpress.


2 thoughts on “Other outlets

  1. I hear you. I am still new to social media and I do spend a lot of time writing. I am networking a fan base before I start to release my novels. We should connect. It is always nice to have someone else to to debate and chat on deeper levels with.

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