Another Excerpt

A piece from something else I’ve been heavily involved in, combining my own personal dogma with some wit, fantasy and mythology:

“Does man not seemingly dwell alone in his own darkness? Though he may walk, side-by-side, hand-in-hand, with another as blind as he? He is alone in his shadow and he walks alone. His mind is his: his prison, his dwelling, and his dungeon; but, it is also his freedom, his key out of the shackles his own kind has placed upon him through fear and deceit. True liberation lies only in the mind, for it is for each man to seek his own truth and his own escape. I am liberation. The Light is not what shines down from the sun, but what helps you truly see–not by night and not by footstep–but in the mind’s eye–in the spirit.

Many a man can claim to walk, and he may. He may walk through lush gardens beneath ocean blue skies. He might walk warm coasts beside the calm and wondrous sea. He might walk roads to kingdoms and be lead to cities of gold. But, if he is a prisoner in his own heart–a slave to his own uncertainty–a man without love or knowledge or wisdom, he does not walk but float, aimlessly, through a vacant life towards and unforgiving abyss.

Hear me now, old friends–Pan: keeper of the woods and caves and music’ and Baphomet: lord of the balance of all that is–darkness is not an underworld full of fire and brimstone where I shall burn sinners for eternity. No. It is turning from my hand, my words, my love and truth. I seek not to enslave nor lead astray, but to empower men through the gift of learning and experience, so that they may find their fullest potential, by the free will our Father, God, has given them. Let man walk with me and I will show him the paths through darkness that lead to the light. I will show him all there is and all that can be.”

—–Lucifer to Pan and Baphomet, Philosophical Deities



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