POEM: Moonlight’s Canvas

Tangled vines in water

Spill out like a young woman’s hair across the pillow

The moonlight tumbles down her milky skin

In midnight’s basking glory

The darkness, like hands, grasps my heart

And I hear, so softly, from far away, the last bay of a lonely dog

And the first howl of the waking wolf

That overlooks the meadows in the night

From an ancient hilltop


The night only knows the cold

The glaring dimness of blue lights shining down from the dark side of Heaven

Is the blanket in the air, covering me like your eyes

When the sky is clear like our empty highway

With dawn breaking through in rays

Like sunlight scattered through the treetops

Dancing on the road like our shadows drawn by the sun

Our lips are bullets; our guns are loaded

Shoot to kill–blood will spill.


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