POEM: The Early Morning Chill

It’s hard to express how I feel

In the early morning chill


More real?

While everything outside is still

In the early morning chill?


Ice on all the windshields

And the hard frozen ground

The soft sigh of the freeway

A lonesome old sound

The sun’s great golden aura

Comes busting through the sky

Heralding the dawn–

Emerging through the opaque gray

Like the blind eye of the world

Casting an uncomforting warmth

In the early morning chill.


As I gaze through the window

Upon the early morning chill

It’s not as true as standing in its wind

The lights are out–

I see the softened sunrise slip shining passed the shade

And then wish I was out there

For the morning is my friend.


I find solace in the cold

I breathe freely in the freeze

Statuesque I stand and bask in the winter

And revel in its rimy breeze

The early morning chill

So warms me at the center.


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