POEM: Concupiscence Encompassed

Curiously she touched the darkness

A pale light shining amidst the ruin

Sister of the moon, Goddess of sin

Let the pale light in

Let it in


A fire in the night, by the willows

Burning them up before they weep

Ghost now cry beneath the shadow

Of tombs where princes come to sleep


By wind, by air, by sea, by flame

The end is there

In me–my name

Erased from the canvas

And etched in the stone

I rise alone


Around the corner

In the dust

The secrets of the lives we must

Live them now before they bust

And the rain turns them to mud and rust

In who we trust?


I dream a dream that does not seem

To hear me when I scream

It keeps me in, the lone pale light

Cannot get out into the night


She stands there now, in between

What was heard and what was seen

Upon the water

Within the dirt

Beyond the plains

Atop the hill

The daughter of hurt

In the rains that chill.


This place is torn

And forlorn

Wish I was warned

Before I was born

She looks up and cannot cry

I have wings and cannot fly

Let us die.


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