Three pages of Chapter 14 in MEN WITH BEARDS.

The Black Hat Writer

Sorry for the way it looks. It didn’t copy well from my word pad.


Berle went out around midnight to pick up some essentials: milk, bread, cigarettes and beer. It was cool out, so he had let Pegasus run around the backyard while he was gone. He didn’t do that too often because there was a drainage ditch behind his house that rats liked to play in. Pegasus liked to engage in a seek-and-destroy mission against them. She was caught up on all her vaccinations, but Berle didn’t want her to lose an eye in a brawl with some psychotic ditch-rat.

His truck came rumbling around the corner and into the driveway around twelve-thirty. From outside, it looked as though his kitchen light was on. He thought he had turned it off.  As he got out of the truck he decided it was probably on when he left…

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