POEM: Electric Chains

Well, lo and behold–

Destiny is barking at the door

She’s on all fours

Begging for forgiveness

All I can give is this–

Not my gratitude

But my attitude

Just like she gave to me

Now she is a slave to me

Because I turned the tide

Her electric chains have died

It’s like Spy vs. Spy

And it makes me high.


Naked and chained

Are we both insane?

I think I have worms in my brain

Slithering and crawling

Now she lies sprawling

My emotions start brawling

I got a lot of pride

But I got to get inside

My electric chains have died

It’s no longer Spy vs. Spy

It’s Thighs vs. Guy

And I’m gonna die.


Now I lie out of breath

Empty and one step closer to death

She’s looking at me funny

Calling me honey

She’s a wolf; I’m the bunny

Her fangs drip with blood

Saliva like acid on my skin

I beg to do it again

She tramples me in mud

But I enjoy the ride

Her electric chains have not died.


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