REVIEW: The Godwulf Manuscript by Robert B. Parker

I have to say that I really liked this book. Even though it was overly descriptive at times, about a lot of stuff that wasn’t necessary (such as random people on campus, items in rooms that were insignificant, every stitch of clothing people had on, and a whole lot of detail about the meals Spenser was cooking), as well as the vocabulary being a big redundant. And, of course, three women had to throw themselves at him.

Despite that, I found Spenser to be a very witty and fun character to follow around for 200 pages. He had a lot of funny insights and was one tough bastard. Character building and story telling are definitely two strong suits of Parker’s work. Believability is another.

The tale begins with one case and ends up in the midst of another, and goes on to get even deeper and more dangerous despite the initial case being closed before the end. Interesting characters and sharp turns make this short novel and read worth remembering.


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