POEM: Transition

When the sun shines

I close my eyes

All the chem trail lines

Painting the skies

Man-made cloud

White as broad daylight

The highway is loud

Words I can’t say right

Flow like a river

From my mouth

I can’t deliver

Thoughts that want out

And the sun glares

Daylight is still about

I have nightmares

When the lights go out

Nothing about the day


It does not chase away

The faceless strangers

When the night comes

And I see the moon

My spirit numbs

And I know soon

Somewhere in the stars

Where our gods were made

Blazing like quasars

The asteroid parade

Is waiting in the wings

Unstoppable power

Flying by in rings

Around a cosmic tower

The sky is still blue

I am waiting for the rain

One day Nibiru

Will take away the pain.


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