Finished reading THE GODWULF MANUSCRIPT by Robert B. Parker and enjoyed it very much. As much as I am into crime and mystery, there are several legendary craftsmen in that genre that I have yet to dive into. Parker is one of them. Now that I have read Spenser #1, I very much look forward to more of his work.

The next book I will read is VAMPIRE$ by John Steakly. This is the novel that the John Carpenter movie was based on. I am not a fan of that movie one iota even though I am a big fan of James Woods. However, the concept of the novel differs from the movie as Jack Crow and CO. simply kill vampires for money. It could be a good read. Guess I’ll see.

Being added to the end of my TO READ list is THE SEEKERS by John Jakes. This is book 3 of the Kent Family Chronicles/The Bi-Centennial Series. I thoroughly enjoyed books one and two, finding them to be beautifully brawling and violent. Apparently, this novel will be the one to say farewell to Philip Kent, who I liked so much, and begin the saga of his son, Abraham. If Abraham is half the man his father is, then it ought to be good.


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