Finding an agent.

One thing you have to realize, most earnestly, when you are an unpublished writer with hundreds of ideas and a lot of dedication and love for writing, is that your greatest barrier will be getting published. Finding an agent is difficult. I’ve been trying for several years. I have queried many and either been rejected or ignored. One must understand that, to agents and publishers, writing is basically a business. That’s not to say they don’t love the art of writing, but they have to feel confident they can sell you because, let’s be objective about this, that is how they make a living. And I get that–that’s cool. While some may feel somewhat embittered by this fact, or discouraged, I do not. I feel enlightened because it means that when I do find an agent (and I truly believe I will), that she/he and I will be on the same page (pun intended) because being sold is what I want, too. How else will I be able to dedicate all the necessary time to writing? I sure can’t do that wasting eight or more hours five or more days a week at some company that doesn’t care about me. That’s not what I want; I want to write.


So, to say that you have to find the agent who feels they can sell you isn’t the horrid thing some may think it sounds like. To me, it sounds like sense. I want an agent who can sell me and will sell me as far and high as I can possibly be sold; and, I am willing to work just as hard on that aspect with the agent as I am willing to work on the stories I create. That’s part of the game, the business, and the fun. Right?


Anyway, I plan on hanging in there. One day, I’ll hit the right agent at the right time and something good, for the agent and myself both, will happen!


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