POEM: The Light

Seek wisdom on the wings of a supposed Darkness

But Darkness and Light co-exist; one is not one without the other

Both are one.

If you have no Shadow, you’re not standing in the light

And a shadow is but a sliver of darkness.

Light is in knowledge

Walk in the dark

He brings us knowledge

In the name of the Light.

To us, he says,

“Love yourself; live your neighbor

Walk in peace and understanding.”

But, some would tell us he is evil.

But he is of the Almighty

And he follows the Creator’s path

Open your mind

Become enlightened

Become Illuminated

Do not let liars feel your heart with fear and hatred

Love God

Love His creations

Listen to those who spread His word

The Angel of the Light

And the Son who guides us

Both speak the word of God

They lead you on a path of love



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