REVIEW: Looking for Alaska by John Green

Very rarely do I read a book I have trouble putting down. Looking For Alaska was one of those few. It’s nice to see a book make it and become respected and not have anything to do with wizards, vampires, wolves, dystopian societies and, especially, freaking zombies. I like that stuff, but I often find myself wishing people would take more of an interest in literary fiction and tales based in reality. It’s good to see that the respect for reality is still out there.

I found this novel to be very touching, even down right heart-wrenching at times. The story captivated me, broke my heart and also was able to bring me a sense of enlightenment as far as discovering that there was someone else who shared my somewhat bleak outlook on life and death in general. John Greene’s novel was a personal confirmation for me in that respect.

Looking For Alaska was compelling and poignant by all definition as it caused sadness, pity and pain as well as being distinctly perceptive. The novel delves into the reality of teenage behaviors, quirks, prejudices and impulses derived from the longing to be grown up and wanting to experience life. This will one day be a classic and I look forward to reading more of his books.

I will leave my review simple and vague as I do not wish to spoil any feelings or events contained within the story.


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