POEM: The Rising Sun

Walk in darkness


He will bring you light

He will bring you wisdom

The daystar

The hand that is left

The star of the morning

Child of dawn

The star of the evening

Watcher of night

Not evil

He will teach you to love

Love yourself

Love your people

He was sent

Not thrown

He is not fallen

But employed

To teach us how to see us

With One Eye

Atop the world

There is no evil

But what we make

Venus rises on the morning horizon

It is the dawn

The morning’s light

Man has made us fear him

God wants us to hear him

He is freedom of the free will

The Father’s voice

So that we can hear the words

Meant to enlighten us

Illuminate us

For our ears cannot perceive the voice of God

We are too small

That is why he brings us the Light

And will Illuminate the world

When the time has come

Unity for all

Man and Mother Earth

Nature, peace, and harmony

Bring us the Illuminated rays of the morning

In the name of the One


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