One thing I enjoy discussing is the wretched state of politics in this country (or the world). I often find myself with a little something to say on a lot of subjects. Normally, my mindset is a progressive one. But, my mind is always open. Whenever I feel the need to discuss a political topic, I will entitle it “Let’s Get Political: whatever the topic is to be.”

Today, I’d like to say a few things about temp services. I see the struggles some people go through with them and it truly disgust me. I feel like temp agencies could be useful if they were utilized in a productive manner in the sense of getting people back to work as opposed to just simply being a business intended to make lone person money off the mistreatment and hard labor of others.

My idea is that all temp agencies should be restructured as work placement agencies. By that, I mean their primary focus should be getting people into the workforce so people can have jobs and businesses can have employees–real employees that will be allowed to stick around, become proficient at the job, make a living and provide a good service. As it stands right now, it seems that temp agencies are merely cattle drivers that focus only on pushing as many people into a business–usually because the business wants expendables they can slap around, don’t have to give benefits to, don’t have to have any obligations to, and don’t have to worry about giving raises to–for profit. Now, I’m not against a company making profit–that’s what it’s about, right? But, it also needs to be about quality service, a good for society, and a place to provide people with a living. After all, no business thrives without the workers who do the actual work.


My solution is to make it mandatory that any company employing a temp service needs to state, for each assignment, the exact shift, time needed, and job duty–never being allowed to deviate from these requirements. And they need to be reasonable–it can’t be just open availability, till whenever we feel the work is complete, and whatever jobs we need you to do. Hell, that shouldn’t even be allowed to be said with regular jobs hiring permanent employees. But, I focus on temp services because these people can just be let go without cause. I say when people are brought in by a temp service to do a job, they cannot be let go until the date of the specified assignment’s completion, unless it is for reasons they would let regular employees go. This way, the temp services will have plenty of time to find their employees new assignments. Also, just to make sure they are spurred into action of finding their employees assignments, and also that they make sure the companies they staff are sticking to their end, make a law that says temp services have to pay their employees at all times, even if they haven’t found them an assignment. Bet that would make sure they do their jobs and provide a service. Not only that, it would probably encourage the temp agencies to seek permanent employment for their employees in places they are assigned.


Ways to clean the streets of America that all the corporations have dirtied up. Start standing up for yourselves, people. Employers have been relieved of their obligations and responsibilities to their employees. The few that remain are slowly being pushed away, too. We need a worker’s revolution.


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