Have you ever woke from a dream that was so surreal and unsettling that it made you not only question your sanity and your whereabouts, but also the stability of the world you walk through? Then, lying there in the dark, you feel so vulnerable, so helpless, and then you realize that everything you thought you knew and all the securities you thought you had were really just illusions and misinformation? That’s kind of where this came from. Sitting on the landing by my stairway, I scribbled it down quickly on a creased, ripped back of a notebook with a fading pen after waking from a disturbing dream.

All alone with the night

The whispers of the dark

The whistle of the trees outside

The dancing shimmer of ghosts

Painting my night like diamonds

A world unveiled like broken skin

And a busted spine

Who can walk when the world is jelly?

Who wants to walk on an ocean of fish?

Who wants to fly on a ground of magnets?

Who wants to burrow in the sky so blue?

But, it soon turns green.

Green like the glow of money

Green like the windswept grass

Green like the virgin girl

Green like her would-be lover

All the world is green sometimes.

I see this with my eyes of stone

Sitting here with my heart alone.

I look like the tattered man

Crawling from the cracks of a mountain

Swallowed by the dead volcano

Oh–the peril of a dying season

An informant who is crying treason

To a false king speaks lies on fire.


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