This is a poem I wrote back in 2010. If a man could make money writing poems, I would have a veritable treasure trove awaiting the world in my closets and on my computer. I’ve always been able to churn them out, no problem. Much of the same can be said about novels, but I have to get the time to write them, which is sometimes a lot more difficult than one might think. However, in a little more than the last year, I have had more opportunity.

I was inspired to write this when I woke to a storm one night. I took my notepad and a crayon (all I could find at the time, since I was in an urgent rush of inspiration) and ran out on my porch to sit and capture the beauty of the triangle that can be poetry, nature, and one’s mind. There is an expressway near to my home, and the sounds of rumbling vehicles pounding down it can be heard echoing through the night, even if the sound must battle its way through a storm. The combination of man’s industry and nature’s supremacy managed to pull these few lines out of the back of my brain.

Unravel lightning

Dance on the wind

The rain whispers stories

That have no end

Tonight we see moonlight

Obscured by the clouds

Flowers in the breeze

Under midnight shrouds

The thunder is a rumble

Grinding in the sky

Like a truck on the highway

Fixin’ to die

Now as morning bares upon us

Stars let out a yawn

Beyond black is the purple

Of the oncoming dawn.


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