THE LOST WORLD by Michael Crichton

Full of a lot of good action and interesting theories, The Lost World was a fun read. It starts out strong, then gets a little preachy in the middle, and the set-up is very similar to that of the first book. The group of characters are very much like those in Jurassic Park. But, as the book races to its climax, things begin to change. One character in particular, Sarah Harding, really steps into the spotlight. She doesn’t really show up until about midway through, but she makes an impact.

The writing and the dialogue is what keeps it from getting a five rating from me. If I were the type to base a rating solely on fun and idea, it would be a five. It felt like Crichton was in a hurry to finish and skipped extensive editing in parts. There was less of a professional feel to the writing of this book than there was with Jurassic Park. But, nothing major. It doesn’t hinder it from being a good book. I certainly recommend it to anyone who enjoys sci-fi/adventure.


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