This is one of the novels that I worked on during the latter part of 2013 and off-and-on during 2014 (alongside a couple more). It is a commercial-crime novel at 96, 908 words. While being mostly written with the intention of being a fun, fast-paced, marketable crime novel with commercial potential, it does deal with issues of class-warfare and prejudice, betrayal, redemption, and, above all, how the media can twist anything into something greater and more volatile than it is. It is very violent, slightly philosophical without annoying pretension, at times psychologically brooding, and quick-witted and humorous. As it stands, currently, I feel like this is the one that is final. I am in the process of trying to find an agent to pick it up. Any feedback is encourage and wanted.

While taking his dog for a walk, Berle Taggart is assaulted by three men who steal his wallet. As the attackers drive away, he gets their license plate number and is able to find out who the car belongs to. Along with his uncle, Orson Biggs, his cousin, Miles Ryan and his two friends, Isaac Lewis and Jordan McKay, Berle decides to pay the muggers a visit. Even though their only intention is to retrieve the wallet, the plan goes awry, resulting in an act of violence that lands them in a cauldron of chaos with a vengeful street gang, a relentless bounty hunter who has a secret agenda, a hard-hitting detective with a darkened past, and a rookie news reporter who’ll do anything to get his story. After being swept into a maelstrom of violence, deception and media sensationalism, they’re left with no other option but to fight back.


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